About Hayley, by Hayley

Born on January 23, 1992 in Barden Ridge Sydney Australia.

Call me crazy but I have always felt like dreaming the impossible was something we all did. I never looked at my dreams as being unattainable or out of my reach. In fact, I was so sure of the reality of one day becoming a successful songwriter and singer that I used to practice my thank you speeches for awards shows. I still do. I don’t believe it’s out of arrogance, but out of sheer belief.

I believe that we all have something magical and powerful to share with the world, whether that be in your every day life or on a big stage. If the artists that I grew up on, never had the courage to dream and action what they believed was worthy of listeners, then I never would have believed it was possible. Sometimes it takes someone else’s strength to recognize your own.

For me, growing up, music wasn’t my first love. Sports was. I was obsessed with soccer, tennis & netball. I remember every day after school, I would hit balls against the wall of my parents place until their patience wore thin and I was asked to stop. It was so much more to me than just hitting balls against the wall or running drills on the grass or shooting hoops. It was about the focus it took to stay committed. It was about the drive and clarity I had in those moments. It was the sense of euphoria I had. It was about the potential of one day being someone people saw as inspiring. For me, it was so much bigger than just a sport.

At the age of seven, I was diagnosed with Perthes disease, a condition where the head of the femur starts crumbling, causing me to have to learn to walk again and be in a wheel chair for a year. Through that time, I was told I wouldn’t be able to play sports again. I was shattered and completely broken. I used to sit in the hospital and cry, asking God why he did this to me. Looking back, I should have realized that everything happens for a reason. During my recovery, my parents saw my despair and Mum, in her desperate plea for me to find another passion, went to a garage sale and bought me a $50 drum kit. That day changed my life. I gathered pots and pans, along with chopsticks and configured the drum kit. I would sit everyday for hours playing this wildly dynamic and emotive instrument. It changed what I thought was my purpose and really aligned me with what was always my calling….music…

For me, falling in love with music has been the greatest love story. It took me out of my weakness and built me back up. It taught me that I was enough and that with every whack on the drums, I was defeating what the bullies had embedded into my heart. It was my therapy. My everything…And, so it began. Thousands of hours playing almost every instrument I could get my hands on. To then, writing my inner most personal thoughts. Music became my best friend and counselor. It was almost like subconsciously songs would write themself and through that place I would heal whatever I was struggling with.

Music is the only thing that is felt universally. The only thing that has the capacity to bring you out or into any emotion. I take music and the power of words very seriously as it has changed my life and redirected my path to be a voice to the voiceless.

I don’t believe anyone deserves any form of power unless they are going to use their power to empower others.

I want that broken hearted girl looking for peace to hear “Closure” and know she’s not alone.
I want that bullied teen to hear “We The Brave” and know that being the outcast is beautiful and that I am with them every step of the way.
I want the world to hear “Barricade” to know that putting up walls doesn’t grant you a free pass not to communicate.
I want the deserted woman or man to hear “I Want You” to know they are loved and adored.
I want the world to hear “My Love” and to know that his or her love is relentless and forever.
I want the woman fearful of leaving a bad circumstance to hear “Relapse” to know she never has to go back.
I want a lonely sole to hear “Rainbow Days” to know that the best days are yet to come.

My mission is simply to move and transport people either into an emotion or out of one. To be brave enough to put my greatest fears and hurts on the line, with the belief that through my strength, they will find their own. My mission is to create moments where people are still and transfixed on the words and melody that move their heart. My mission is to be a voice for the voiceless, and NOT to make my story famous, but YOURS.

I would love you to come on this ride with me and dream with no boundaries and dare to be brave enough to try.

All my love,
Hayley x o