The moment that terrifies you, they say is the very moment that propels you forward. And in this case, those words couldn’t be truer. I had been dreaming about the day “Closure” would be released for years! But, also a part of me was terrified by it. Terrified because it was the end of keeping things to myself. I don’t mean the little details that you keep from your parents. I mean the vivid conversations and recounts of everything. They were about to be shared and put on display for anyone and everyone to read and listen. I remember the day so clear. I was at home sitting on my kitchen counter reading emails when I thought, “I’ll just take a look on online and see if it’s online yet”. To my disbelief and complete shock there it was, Hayley Warner “Closure”. I cried to myself and thought of every struggle I had been through to get to this place of seeing it live on a screen. I remembered all the record label meetings I had when executives told me, “you could make millions of dollars if you give this song to another artist”. I remembered the pep talks I gave myself in the car on the way to meetings. I remembered the hurry up and wait feeling I had. But one thing that overrode every negative, was the complete euphoria of FINALLY seeing what I believed in defy everything that was against me. It was a victory to me and a huge one at that. My dream is to tell stories and that maybe just one person sees themself in the story.

Love H W xo

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