Music Monday – Closure

Sometimes walking away from a relationship is the easiest thing to do, but sometimes it’s almost impossible. I am 26 years old and I have been engaged twice, the second time I was engaged to an older man (mid 30’s and I was about 22-23 at the time) and the demise of our relationship was extremely painful. When relationships run their course but the two people involved insist on holding on to each other, that’s when things get painful.

The end of my second engagement was full of cursing, yelling, name-calling, lying, and hurting. I constantly think about this time of my life; I am certain that we didn’t have to cause each other so much pain, but unfortunately we did. Towards the end of the relationship, for about a month, I remember co-existing with this man and wishing that he would just end it. I was too scared to call it quits, because beyond the yelling and the cursing there was real love in my heart for this person. Eventually I realized where our journey had taken us and I knew that I had to be the one to walk away.

The other day, while listening to a random Spotify playlist a song came on and all of those feelings came crashing back. I closed my eyes and all I could see was his face; I unfortunately never really dealt with my emotions from the situation. I walked away and suppressed, suppressed, suppressed. This song though, brought it all back and as much as I hated it, this was a healing journey that I had to go on.

So, this Music Monday lets talk about Closure by Hayley Warner.

“Closure” is the only song from Hayley on Spotify and that could not make me more upset, being that I’m currently obsessed with her. This song is emotion-filled and it’s presented with raw vocals that demand your attention. It is a lyrically mature song, which is not something we often hear (sometimes all we get is a catchy hook and a repetitive chorus). With “Closure” you get a beautiful poem with a heartbreaking tune behind it.

I don’t want to say it but somebody’s gotta say that it’s over
Seeing you defeated doesn’t bring me any closer to closure
I am acting out of self-defense
I am all out of options
I don’t want to say it but somebody’s gotta say that it’s over

So maybe it’s because I find myself relating to the lyrics, or maybe it’s because I’m a human being who is constantly full of emotions, or it could be that “Closure” is a beautiful song; but I cried way too many times while I played this song on repeat.

I can hate myself for this
You can say that I’m a selfish bitch
It doesn’t change my mind
With both our backs against the wall
Someone’s gotta to take the fall
So I’ll be the first to cross the line

Hayley Warner is about to get on a roller coaster that is bound to only go up. Her talent goes beyond your ears and reaches into your soul, her music forces you to feel. So, I don’t know who you are or what you’re doing with your life but if it’s not listening to Hayley Warner, you’re completely living wrong. This is a new artist that you need to listen to, this is only the beginning for her and you’re going to want to come along on her journey. (My track record on these things is pretty good, I called James Bay and Aurora’s success … I mean sure, their success could be due to their amazing talent but I’d like to think that my incessant talk about them helped a bit.)

Do yourself a favor; grab your headphones, grab some tissues, get comfortable in your bed and listen to “Closure” by Hayley Warner. xx